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Reduce your current fees by at least 8% when you work with us to discover and eliminate all the excess and hidden fees you are paying now.



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Discover the best solutions at the lowest cost when you work with us and become and gain the knowledge that the Fortune 100 companies know. We hold your hand throughout the process so it's easy and seamless for you!



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Resolve any of your issues with one call to our direct support number. We make sure you're protected against fraud by assisting you with the complicated PCI Compliance requirements. 




Your fees keep creeping up...

You're not sure how to read your merchant statement...

You continually wait for assistance on long hold queues...

You need to explain your problem multiple times to get help...

You were promised service, but you never hear from your sales rep once your contract was signed...

Your funds do not show up in your bank in 24 to 48 hours...

You don't have time to figure out why your money isn't there...

It's supposed to be a SERVICE but there is NO SERVICE taking place.


Think about the time and money that you will save by working with a payment professional like Loyalty Processing.


What would an extra $3,000 mean to your bottom line? $10,000? $50,000?

Why waste time on phone queues that ask you to answer endless prompts and make you listen to hold music forever before you ever reach a real person?


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